someone should just give me a medium format camera for free. I am a poor photography student feed me cameras. 

~   Casey Legler in “Male Models: The Female of the Species" for Time Magazine
~    Lee Alexander McQueen (via idreamofaworldofcouture)
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~   Chelsea Fagan
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~   Oprah Winfrey (via kari-shma)


If you are going to post a picture of yourself please don’t let the caption be “OMG I’m SO UGLY or I LOOK SO STUPID.” Honestly if you really felt that way about the picture you wouldn’t upload it. 



So I’m literally looking at Diana’s newspaper photo album on Facebook and almost in tears because all of my little minions and underling and babies are growing up. ohgosh.

and I refuse to look at any of their graduation pictures come June (or in another year KSENIAAA) because then I have to admit that they’re actually human beings and not the kids I still call MY sophomores. (seriously I’m really possessive and protective of them.)

oh my gosh shannon let me hug you through the computer

(i am going to be so sad come graduation, there’s so much i’m going to miss)


It would be really amazing to photograph this one day.
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