~   Catherine / every friend ever

today’s a devendra banhart kind of day

~   Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol, Letters To The Men I Have Loved  (via versteur)
Suzanne Vega
Tom's Diner


who wants to make out with me for like 4 hours


Stephanie Noritz
08.23.14 /09:11/ 202

biked to the commons
cinnamon rolls
no one belongs here more than you
biked to the bank
cooked chicken
werq was a hurricane
walk + moscato + lipstick
basement jaxx
people screamed and i screamed back
people liked my pants
a weird basement + a weird backyard
girl told us how cute we looked together
a (gay) boy asked me where I got my pants
a twinge or two
baby blue

ROY LICHTENSTEIN Seascape (I), from New York Ten, 1964
08.23.14 /03:05/ 9825

Tyrone Lebon
08.23.14 /03:05/ 428
Canvas  by  andbamnan